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Suicide? Fuck You, Anthony Bourdain

I’ve long said that it isn’t a good idea to swear in any place that will get archived and come back to haunt you. Obviously, my use of the F-Bomb all over this piece conflicts with that. I’m sorry if you’re...

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The Difference: Careful and Paralyzed

The astronauts of NASA, including David Scott and ... yes, that other fellow is first-man-on-the-moon Neil Armstrong ... are very careful. They have to be; their missions wouldn't work otherwise, and absent great care people would die. But Careful and Paralyzed are...

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Business Change Highlights

“He’s My Geek”. Or Is He?

I've been helping people get things done for ... well, let's just leave that at "a long time". Because that's so, I have some observations that time has only made more true. One is that people almost always think of you in the first context they encounter you. And...

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