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A Ten-Dollar Bonus Beats 250 Dollars

A few weeks back I began a slow-reveal on the issues in our study of the Gig Economy. And while I never specifically said it if you read between the lines you likely concluded I wasn't impressed. A 50% bonus? Holy Cow! Problem is, that bonus was designed to...

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Business Change Highlights

Management by Manual

This week I saw something that almost made my heart stop. 69% of managers are afraid to talk to their employees. The survey is almost two years old. The results aren't a knee-jerk reaction to the current "sexual harassment is everywhere" environment. They aren't...

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The End of Pirated Music

It's the end of the year. Courtesy of Amazon.com, our end-of-year story is about the end of pirated music. It's no wonder that a business change of this magnitude would come from Amazon. Dr. Evil's company just keeps changing the way we buy things—all things. And what...

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