There’s a lot of content on the Internet. So how do you get yours made, and found? For that matter, do you make content, at all?

You do, but it had better be great, better be verifiable, and needs to pass what amounts to a journalistic “sniff test”—even if you aren’t a journalist.

And surprise, you may be a journalist even if you didn’t think so.

This simple little video tells a complicated story about content (courtesy of an amazing TEDtalk, found at The amazing story? Content proliferates at a rate so fast that your content absolutely will never get found unless people can share it—and do so.

And that requires both that you make great content, and display it where, and how you need to put that content forward.

To show you this small piece of content, the video had to be produced, uploaded to a location on the Internet where your browser could find it, and embedded in this page so it displays the way we intended. There’s content magic centering the video on this page, more magic making the video start automatically, and still more making the content loop continuously. And that doesn’t even account for the optimization tricks we’ve done behind the scenes!

At Answer Guy Central, we’ll help you define and implement your content strategy, and you must have a content strategy, or you’ll disappear. We can teach you everything you need to know about content, or handle your content creation and optimization for you.

When you get serious about Influency and Integrated Marketing, it’s time to start producing video, and other forms of content. We’ll help; contact The Answer Guy, here.

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