4G The Demise of Flat-Rate Data? Puck No!

Just when the telecommunications giants thought they had flat-rate data plans headed out the door, here comes The Puck. If you look at the oh-so-slick website home of The Puck (3/22/2012: well, Puck no, again … The Puck is dead, and Clearwire has replaced it...
IBM Running Skype ?

IBM Running Skype ?

I remember back in the day when setting up a computer network was . . . well honestly, if was pretty difficult. Most networks used coaxial cables (we’re talking “the dawn of ethernet” timeframe), and rather than all the computers connecting through...

“Federal Subscriber Line Charge”

[Updated February 16, 2010] Two-and-a-half years later, with much traffic still flowing here and to our parent PC-VIP, I’ve decided to update this post: When Judge Herbert Greene broke up the phone company back in 1984, he set a business change in motion that...

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