4G The Demise of Flat-Rate Data? Puck No!

Just when the telecommunications giants thought they had flat-rate data plans headed out the door, here comes The Puck. If you look at the oh-so-slick website home of The Puck (3/22/2012: well, Puck no, again … The Puck is dead, and Clearwire has replaced it...
IBM Running Skype ?

IBM Running Skype ?

I remember back in the day when setting up a computer network was . . . well honestly, if was pretty difficult. Most networks used coaxial cables (we’re talking “the dawn of ethernet” timeframe), and rather than all the computers connecting through...

“Federal Subscriber Line Charge”

Federal Subscriber Line Charge [Updated February 16, 2010] Two-and-a-half years later, with much traffic still flowing here and to our parent PC-VIP, I’ve decided to update this post: When Judge Herbert Greene broke up the phone company back in 1984, he set a...

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