Arun KumarA: Hi, my name is Arun KumarA. How may I help you?

Jeff Yablon: Hi Arun. I submitted a ticket yesterday, and the problem has not been solved but the ticket is marked "complete". How Do I re-open/continue?

Arun KumarA: That is so unfortunate. Let me see what best I can do for you today.

Arun KumarA: Jeff, may I confirm that the serial number is LUSBN0D0010103A1791601?

Jeff Yablon: Yes. And I presume there's only the one ticket open? My response should re as this:

Jeff Yablon: Thanks for the information. I followed your power reset instructions precisely, and nothing changes; I get a single flash of the blue light when I press or hold the power button, but only when the battery is attached; I get nothing without the battery attached. As for these: - Since when are you experiencing this issue? - Does the green LED on top of the AC adapter brick glow when the unit is connected to AC power? - Do you see any visible damage on the power jack or connector? - Does the Ac adaptor brick gets warm when connected? - Is the power jack securely connected? - Have you attempted replacing the AC Adaptor? - Has your computer experienced any power surge? It just started yesterday; the computer had been working perfectly. No, there's no light of any sort when I plug the unit in. There's no damage, no excess heat, and I have not tried another adapter. And there has been no power surge; I'm comfortable making that statement because when the computer stopped working it was plugged into an surge-protected adapter along with another computer. The other computer has not been damaged, and the outlet that my Acer was plugged into still functions. I think it's pretty obvious that something has simply failed, electrically. I imagine that means that the entire unit will need to be replaced. Thank you

Arun KumarA: Okay.

Arun KumarA: May I know whether the issue happens using battery only?

Jeff Yablon: With battery only, I also get the single flash of the blue light.

Arun KumarA: From the serial number provided I see that the computer is out of warranty. As a One Time Best Effort I can provide you with some information to help you.

Jeff Yablon: EXCUSE ME, but that is incorrect. I bought the computer July 2010. Your warranty is one year. AND: the response I received yesterday even says that I'm in warranty. Arun KumarA:

Okay. Arun KumarA: May I know the date of purchase of your computer?

Jeff Yablon: July 21, 2010

Arun KumarA: I have verified that the Acer computer is in warranty.

Jeff Yablon: I'm happy that you now agree, but I expect you can understand my ANGER that you first tried to tell me that the computer was out of warranty.

Arun KumarA: That happened because we are upgraded our database recently, So that we are updating the details once again. Our tool shows the unit as out of warranty as per the product date.

Arun KumarA: Now I changed the date of purchase for you.

Arun KumarA: It could be the hardware issue. In this case I suggest you send the computer for a repair. You only have to pay one way shipment we will take care of the repair and return shipment.

Jeff Yablon: Fine. I've received that same information while we've been chatting as a followup to my "closed" ticket. What information do you need from me, so we can get this started?

Arun KumarA: May I register the computer for you?

Jeff Yablon: It IS registered.

Arun KumarA: As I said we are re adding the details to our database. It will take few hours to update. If I register the computer again in our tool. I can place a repair order now.

Jeff Yablon: That's fine. What information do you need from me, and how do we make sure there's no conflict with the existing registration?

Arun KumarA: You can contact us after a few hours to re check the new registration.

Arun KumarA: May I have the below details

Arun KumarA: Name, Phone Number, Contact Address, Email Address, Zip Code, Date of purchase, Purchase Retail outlet.

Jeff Yablon: Arun, you are not inspiring confidence. I'll keep working with the other channel instead. Thank you for convincing me never to buy another Acer product again.