The WordPress Helpers is Almost Here!

We told you a little while ago that the website that would change everything about WordPress for you was coming. Get ready ... The WordPress Helpers is just a few days away.

It's a Revolution The WordPress Helpers Will Change:

• The way you learn WordPress

• The way you teach WordPress

• The way you design in WordPress

• The way you deploy WordPress sites (for yourself or others!)

• The way you use WordPress to make money



It's one place where you can find anything, learn anything, connect with other people like you. ONE SOURCE for all things WordPress.

That's The WordPress Helpers.

You'll recognize the interface instantly, and if you're a user trying to make more sense of the world's most popular web building and hosting platform you'll appreciate this:

The WordPress Helpers has been built by a team of technology, training, media, and publishing pros.

And we've created an environment where you can find and lay your hands on anything you need to make your WordPress experience better.





The WordPress Helpers

We'll be flipping the switch on the only source (this side of WordPress itself, of course) you'll ever need for WordPress information and help in just a few more days. So get ready.

Tell a friend, or a few. And if you or anyone you know would benefit from playing in our sandbox, get in touch.

We're looking for partners in all areas, and we'll have revenue to pass along. What do we mean by "all areas"? We want to hear from you if you're a

• Designer

• Trainer

• Content Marketer or Media Producer

• Theme, Plug-in or Custom Developer

• Host

• Security geek

• Marketer

• Business Integrator

• Someone with a point of view to share



One More Thing

We have a special opportunity for you. It's a one-time thing (for real, since we can only make "a pre-launch offer" pre-launch)

You can own a piece of The WordPress Helpers

By "own a piece" we mean we're making special, normally-would-be-part-of-the-content advertising slots available in our footer. Your tie-in will show up on every page of The WordPress Helpers: 

There are only ten of these slots available. Sign on for one pre-launch and it can be yours for just $195 per month. We'll host a landing page for you, designed to your specifications. And this special rate will be locked-in for you for as long as you remain a WordPress Helpers sponsor.

There's no minimum commitment, either (although if you commit to a yearly term we'll drop the price to just $1875).


Get Ready for The WordPress Helpers

You'll be able to visit us very soon. Meantime, drop us a line, connect with us socially, pass the word ...