No kidding, REALLY?

We once had a little side project here at Answer Guy Central; while not very interesting to look at, the idea behind I Hate Texting was pretty much self-explanatory. And we have some social engineering stuff in mind; stay tuned for that.

Today, The New York Times published an article outlining just how dangerous texting is when people driving trucks do it. Presumable the findings apply to cars, motercycles, and whatever other form of transportation you favor as well . . . I’ve had people walk into me because they were texting at the time, for example, and seen people walk in front of cars because they were looking down and working their thumbs instead of following the simple rules our parents laid out for us before we were ever allowed to cross a street.

So on our topic of  “change” the question is: has the need to be constantly multitasking created a behavior that is not only annoying but flat-out dangerous?

Yes, it has. I’ll redefine the question, though: Do you really need to be constantly multitasking in this way to succeed in life or business?

No, you do not.

Don’t get me wrong; everyone has different things to deal with, and I haven’t met anyone lately looking to shrink their circles of contact. But you don’t need to be constantly doing three things.

Here’s a simple place to start: no texting at the dinner table. It’s a change you can choose to make and it will not hurt you; I promise there’s absolutely nobody who will think less of you for closing off a single 45-minute block of time every day.

Now get back to work. And do one thing well, please. Something other than texting.

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