Here’s how important Social Networking has become:

Someone I know just became an uncle. Through the various familial dysfunctions that seem to effect so many people he wasn’t “in the loop”. But he was attached to the far-flung pieces of his extended family through Facebook. News delivered.

The story sounds sad, right? But where is the sad in the story . . . that his family is dysfunctional, or that the Internet is holding them together? Certainly the dysfunctional part is sad. But the part about the Internet as glue? That isn’t sad, it’s change.

Your business is undergoing the same kinds of change. Some of your customers (or potential customers) are best reached through methods that didn’t exist a short time ago, and might seem impersonal. Even Twitter has become a real method for marketing. This business change isn’t theoretical, either; it’s real, and it’s here. I hate texting, but I do it. And I have clients who are best reached that way.

Do you fight business change, or do you adapt?

Go with adaptation. There’s really no other choice.

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