Last November, I wrote a post detailing the customer service issues and software problems with SplashData ‘s SplashID for Android software.

That post is the most popular page on the Internet dealing with the problems in SplashID for Android, and when SplashData pushed an upgrade to SplashID for Android earlier today, I immediately reached out to them.

And they responded quickly. As you may recall, I pointed out how fast SplashData’s customer service response times were back in the original post, and I’m happy to report that hasn’t changed.


Has SplashData addressed the issues in SplashID for Android? In part, yes they have.

Once you get everything configured, you no longer need to know your IP address. The Synchronize command is no longer hidden away. And . . . everything else is still bad.

OK, strike that; SplashID Version 5 for Android looks better, and has a few usability and functionality tweaks added; it IS better than the previous version.

But after all the noise we heard about the problems in SplashID Version 4 and their admission that it wasn’t what it should have been, I’m astonished that SplashData is charging a ten dollar upgrade fee for SplashID Version 5. And the technical issues aren’t exactly gone; I’ll give SplashData a pass for continuing the need to sync the desktop and handheld versions over WiFi instead of your phone network, but the fact that you still have to start the software on both sides to make a sync happen and that you can still initiate the sync only from the Android device? Incredible.

It’s just too many steps in an era of don’t-need-to-be-computer-literate-to-use-your-device SmartPhones.

Kudos once again to SplashData for their responsiveness in the customer service department. But as someone who’s used SplashID for over a decade I just can’t believe that this software is still being released in what feels like a rushed, unfinished state.

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