There are lots of reasons to contract out pieces of the work that keep your business in business. We’re talking flexibility issues, liability issues, expert-availability issues, and more.

But it can be hard to know who to hire as you execute business change. You really no more want to spend your days continuously scouring the earth for talent than you want the liability of having employees sitting idly on your payroll.

The United States Congress is now considering a law that will make this issue all the more difficult to navigate. Under proposed Senate bill S. 3254 Employee Misclassification Prevention Act, (EMPA), it will become harder than ever to hire independent contractors and maintain their classifications as non-employees.

This is an old issue. Microsoft was famously forced to reclassify a large number of their contractors as employees over a decade ago, and in reaction have gone so far as to make a free spreadsheet template available to help you avoid the same fate that befell them.

S.3254 will make the issue even harder. But we’ve got a simple way for you to short-circuit the process.

Hire Virtual VIP.

Yeah that’s self-serving, so I’ll amend it: hire whatever corporate-organized Virtual Assistant Service you like. But S.3254 points out one (more) reason to hire us, and underscores a point I made in this post: you can’t really do business unless you are a business.

When you hire Virtual VIP Virtual Assistant Services and The Answer Guy to handle your overrun, you’re engaging not me, nor any of the people who get work through Virtual VIP, but a corporate entity. There’s no 1099 contractor relationship to maintain; you’re engaging a Nevada-based C-Class Corporation via W-9. The onus of making sure you aren’t hiring employees comes out of your hands and becomes the responsibility of PC-VIP Inc.

And we manage the people who do the work, so your Human Resources expenditures go down, too. Employment management just doesn’t get any easier.

Thank you, United States Congress, for S.3254 . It isn’t often that we get free commercials like The Employee Misclassification Prevention Act.

Have a great Business Change Friday!

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