Want Proof that Older People Are Smarter Than Younger People? Just read this article from The New York Times. Or ask Louis CK. The dude gets life. And Marketing.

Older People Are Smarter

Turns out that younger people, given to choose between pizza, sex, or a good old fashioned “atta boy!” will take . . . the atta boy.

OK, so that doesn’t prove anything about age, per se. But it speaks volumes about the mind set of the so-called “Generation Me”. These young people are so caught up in their egos and self-esteem that a pat on the head actually feels better to them than food, or even sex!

Older People Are Smarter Than That

I have nowhere else to go with this, except to remind you that there’s a reason you hire The Answer Guy to do your Search Engine Optimization, manage your business change, and handle all the other business issues we run for our clients.

We’ve been at this stuff for a long time. And while not everyone at Answer Guy Central qualifies as an older person, “older people are smarter” plays around here.

In fact, some of our best people aren’t of the “older people” variety, at all. But they’re always of the “smarter people” ilk.

With experience comes perspective. Now if I could just arrange for a hot female to deliver me a pizza . . .

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