In this week’s Google+ -fest, I’ve pointed out a few things about Google’s Facebook-targeted social networking effort that I hope get you thinking. Today, the most important thing about Google+ :

Google is listening to user feedback.

This is the most important part of both business change and customer service, right? You can’t manage customer service or business change unless you know what your customers are thinking and where they want you to take them. Google, unlike Facebook, understands this, and just as important is doing something about it.

If Google+ manages to give social networking a Facelift, that’s great. If one of the ways Google+ does that is by letting you control the fire hose of information inherent to social networking, even better. But unless Google listens to user feedback, their chance of Google+ supplanting Facebook as “the” social network is exactly zero. Yes, even though they’re Google.

Is shameful that Facebook, in attaining their as-large-as-any-country-except-India-or-China status, has routinely done things that their customers thought were bad ideas. When you’re as large as Facebook and you want information, all you need to do is ask! And yet, Zuckerberg and Company just keep playing the role of the omniscient parent. Awful under any circumstances, unforgivable when you’re in the people business. And remember, Mark Zuckerberg, as brilliant as he may be, is just a kid. People as young as Mark Zuckerberg rarely have the real-world insight to make the right decisions at this level, on this scale.

Get on Google+. And if you’re looking to make a social networking impact on your business change do it quickly, while there are still “just” ten million users.

You can reach me on Google+, right here.

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