In the early hours of this morning, my son Mike tweeted this expletive-laced apology to his Twitter Community.

You can only imagine my pride.

Being a stickler for manners, I was happy to see that Mike thought his overuse of Twitter was worth an apology. But as a web-and-smartphone Twitter user I wasn’t sure what he was apologizing for; I never saw the 133 tweets he referred to—because, let’s face it, most of your tweets are never seen by most of your followers.

And then it hit me: I’ve always hated texting. And now I see a new reason to hate it.

Never having been in that demographic, it hadn’t registered for me that people who use Twitter via text see all the tweets from all the people they follow unless they take steps to change what Twitter shows them. And they see those tweets One. Text. Message. At. A. Time.

Too Many Text Messages Coming From Twitter

Assuming I counted them correctly, that annoying paragraph was how many messages Mike was apologizing for. And while you could skip over that paragraph of “text”s, Mike’s text-using Twitter followers had no such option.

This made me think of the many issues that social networking without understanding what you’re doing and why you’re doing it kicks up.

Short message complete. Carry on …

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