Rest Well, Doctor Barbara Yablon Maida

Doctor Barbara Yablon Maida, 1956-2012. Rest in Peace

I lost my sister this week.

I have no Jeff-like snark or pith to lean back on. My sister was the best, kindest, nicest, smartest, and most insightful person I’ve ever known. I’m a little bit shocked that I’m posting this here, but the world has changed.

I know I still think that tweeting from the altar is ridiculous, period. I worry about a world where family fun on video is so fraught with peril. But as I’ve been putting together a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t imagine having to contend with just a couple of days ago I’ve also thought a bunch about how things have changed.

REAL change.

Not very long ago, when someone passed on you placed an advertisement in your local newspaper and primarily you relied on your friends and family to get the word out. Now, we do it on Facebook.

As often as I complain about Facebook, the darned thing is where I’m connecting with an awful lot of people this week. So here’s a placeholder, Facebook. And here’s another, for those of you who remember my sister as the amazing educator she was:

If you’re reading this, I wish you could have known my sister. And I don’t even know how to tell you how sad I am this week.

And to everyone except the esteemed Dr. Yablon Maida:  apologies for the software here doing those stupid “related posts” underneath this. My sister would be cheering for her life helping with my business, even though I wasn’t shooting for that.

Bye, Baba. I miss you more than I have words for.

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