Let’s talk Marketing. And Search Engine Optimization. And the business of media. Most especially  let’s talk about the comedian Louis CK.

I started telling you almost a year ago that Louis CK may be the smartest marketing guy around. Certainly, CK is smarter than most marketing executives, and has the million dollar PayPal account to prove it.

Look at these Louis CK – related SEO numbers:

Louis CK PayPal Search Engine Optimization Results at Answer Guy Central

Louis CK PayPal SEO

Louis CK Marketing Search Engine Optimization Results at Answer Guy Central

Louis CK Marketing SEO

Louis CK Media Search Engine Optimization Results at Answer Guy Central

Louis CK Media SEO

I hadn’t thought about the business and marketing genius of Louis CK in a while, but then this week CK dropped a bomb on the media business that could be as big as his direct-to-you marketing salvo of last year: for his next comedy special, Louis CK’s work will first be broadcast via HBO, and then Louis CK will sell videos on-line, himself.

I can’t overstate the business change this represents. Not Since Pink Floyd beat their record label in a legal battle has a media entity scored such large a victory over “the man”. But whereas Pink Floyd won a legal fight over something that hadn’t been invented several decades earlier when they signed a contract, Louis CK is changing the way the media business works, through marketing savvy.

That marketing trick extends in many directions, through many factors. Louis CK, both by virtue of his clout as an A-list comedian and his having cut HBO and the entire media business out of last year’s on-line marketing success, is in the rare position of being able to change the status quo. HBO likes to own future broadcast and distribution rights to the programs they air on their network, and Louis CK has told them: you get a little bit of me, or you get nothing.

The Godfather would have called that “making them an offer they couldn’t refuse”.

There are huge numbers involved, and when you’re Louis CK you have a lot of tools—tools that the comedian-cum-marketing-genius has shown a deft ability to manage and a brave willingness to use. But our SEO Results above for “Louis CK Media”, “Louis CK Marketing”, and “Louis CK PayPal” tell a different story, and one that most businesses need to pay attention to.

As you can see, Answer Guy Central ranks for all three of the Louis CK phrases I just mentioned. You can also see that our rankings have fluctuated since we started tracking what Google thinks of our importance for marketing, media, and PayPal relative to Louis CK, and have been sliding over time. (I’ve told you before; I believe in transparency)

I can explain every part of why that’s worked as it has. I can promise you that we’re about to spike back up for all three Search Engine Optimization phrases, and explain that, too. And I’d be happy to; just contact me here.

But what you absolutely need to understand is this: the bigger your competitors get relative to you and the longer you wait to start doing something about it, the harder the task of Search Engine Optimization and other on-line marketing becomes. And because that’s true, you must (MUST !!!!!!) take long tail marketing seriously.

Long Tail Marketing is just one of the many elements of Influency* you need to take into account. What is Influency* ? Stay tuned.

And hey, Louis CK: I know you don’t actually need help with your Search Engine Optimization or any other element of Influency*, but . . . we should talk.

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