Seth Godin Action FigureWho is this man?

I’d like to tell you that there’s an Answer Guy Action Figure, but alas, this follicly-challenged devil is one Seth Godin. Seth, who’s been mentioned more than a few times at Answer Guy Central, is a fantastically successful and popular author and a legend of sorts in the marketing business. And there really is a Seth Godin Action Figure; I’ve seen it in a store.

We haven’t mentioned Seth Godin in a while. Yesterday, I came across Seth’s latest musings, and had to pass them on. I’m paraphrasing, but what Seth says is that low-hanging fruit isn’t always the fruit you want to pick.

Godin, unreasonable as ever, is being completely reasonable when he says that doing things the easy way often isn’t the right way. In a lot of ways, Influency is just like that; we’d all like to go viral through some magic formula, but there is no magic formula for going viral. At best, you follow a few guidelines, and then, you need a bit of luck.

We know the guidelines. We wrote some of them. And I can tell you beyond any doubt that unless you get lucky and have a chance to ride the fifteen-minute fame wave, you have a way better chance of being successful by doing a lot of things the right way than by hoping for a lightning strike.

They’re part of the long tail.  They add up to Influency. And Influency* works.

It’s flattering to be parroted by the likes of Seth Godin. And although The Domino project, Seth’s latest baby, seems to be having trouble getting off the ground, Godin remains one of the smartest marketing minds around. Maybe even in the same category as Louis CK !

By the way: Seth Godin is three months younger than me, but … I have all my hair 😉

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