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As though Google needed this help, a really, really compelling reason to choose Google Drive over other cloud storage options just went live. Say hello to “Video Notes” at … well, this isn’t a surprise …

Hosted in Spain (explaining the odd URL), VideoNotes does exactly what its name suggests: you use videonotes to take notes directly next to a video, as you watch it (or send completed notes files to others). It’s a real game changer. It’s Influency. matters.

Although it’s intended for the educational market, solves a problem all students and speakers understand; how do you track and find information in video media? is the answer; take a look at the demo I created from one of the videos in The Answer Guy’s Daily Video Series:

See how clicking on any of the notes in my skip you from place to place in the video?  Functionally, this almost doesn’t require any more explanation; rocks. If you’d like to see the actual file behind this, click here, or on the image at the top of this article.

And that’s where the way works starts to raise a few questions. on the Google Chrome Store

You can only use through a Google account. Note that while the screen shot here reads “add to Chrome”, if you visit the Chrome Store without being logged in you can’t install While you can view other people’s video notes simply by being logged into Google, if you want to create you own videonotes you need to also use Google Drive and store your notes there. As I said above, Google didn’t need anyone’s help to convince people they were a viable cloud storage option, but is that help. And when you create a videonote on, it automatically gets shared with founder Clément Delangue, through an e-mail address at another company.

Here’s the thing: None of these issues are deal breakers. Even if wasn’t as fantastic an Influency machine as it is, rivaling even Vine in its potential for creating Influency, the Google connection is fine, and for the moment I’m OK with Clément Delangue being able to see but not edit my video notes., in short, is a video game changer.

So go ahead; play basketball in the cloud. And show that off.

And then, when you’re ready to expand even further on your story, The Answer Guy will show you how.

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