Is This The Influency You're Missing?

As you read it, you may find yourself wondering if I’ve included EVERYTHING in this article. And the answer is yes, literally, this is an article about ‘everything’.

Next week, I’ll be telling you about a situation I encountered a few days ago, when a developer I mentioned and complimented in this piece on the Headway WordPress Framework contacted me. Our conversation felt to me as though I was espousing, as I do, the application of everything, and she was … not getting it.

In Influency, ‘Everything‘ matters.

When I wrote yesterday about the unreliability of statistics tied to search engine optimization, I was careful to point out that while we no longer sell Search Engine Optimization on its own, SEO remains important to your Influency Marketing. Take a look at the ways I’m integrating everything into this piece once again, and maybe you’ll understand a bit more about where I’m going.

Everything, as Mr. Springsteen of Asbury Park once told us, is everything.

So as Nicholas Megalis helps us make time stand still, and we all try to decide what that means to the Influency Marketing equation, we look at everything. Hipsters on Heatmaps? Check. Different people with different ideas, needs, and even languages? Triple-check, in this case.

Still not sure what this whole Influency* – and – everything thing is about? Consider:

And I’ve managed to put over twenty optimized links to things I want you to see in just 300 words, while showing you a picture of lips. And their subjects were both connected and disjointed. Because we’re talking about everything.

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