SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing)

Jeff Yablon speaks about Search Engine Optimization at NYXPO for Business

And now, for some snake oil . . .

Do you need your web site to do more? Bring you more customers? Do you want to pay Google a fortune of money to drive traffic to you just to find out it was the wrong traffic? In order, the correct answers are Maybe, Yes, and No.

Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) and Search Engine Optimization ( SEO Consulting ) are the science and art of getting you the people you want to visit your web site. There are thousands of so-called experts in the field, and most of them will sell you a package that won’t really help you.

Us too. Except for that part about SEO Consulting that doesn’t help you: when The Answer Guy does your SEO and SEM it really helps.

How are we different? Unlike most SEM / SEO consultants, The Answer Guy looks at Search Optimization and Marketing as a process, not a task. We understand that you need to balance business concerns like time, staffing, and of course budget with the realities of marketing; just getting you traffic means nothing. It has to be the right traffic.

You can afford our SEO Consulting and SEM services. And if you have a web site you can’t afford not to have a plan for marketing your services correctly.


Answer Guy SEO Consulting and SEM Services Are Guaranteed To Boost Your Rankings And Results

Contact Us Now, and we’ll tell you how this all works, explain what long-tail marketing is and how and why we’ll put long-tail techniques in play for your business  . . . and help figure out how to make SEO Consulting and SEM work for you.

Want to See Some of our SEO Results? Look here for Google’s idea of the most important results on the phrase “Nissan of Manhattan Customer Service”, (this was a result of The Answer Guy writing about Nissan of Manhattan’s Customer Service) or look here for the power we wield over Facebook Social Networking Patent 7,669,123, in a post about that topic.

Want  Even More SEO Results? See SEO Consulting Results and Search Engine Optimization on key phrases at Answer Guy Central

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