Arianna Huffington's Thrive: Influency at a Discount

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Today, a new book by Arianna Huffington went on sale. I own but haven’t read a copy of Thrive, with the former more significant than the latter. Why is the purchase more important than the read? Because when I bought a copy of Thrive for eleven dollars last week, that purchase created a $26 charitable donation.

This doesn’t exactly make Arianna Huffington and me partners. I don’t feel any better about the way Huffington Post approaches journalism, and I’m sorry, Arianna, but this was ridiculous. That said, Arianna Huffington just did something incredible; for every copy of Thrive that was pre-ordered, Ms. Huffington and/or her publisher contributed $26 to And yes, that means that if you bought an e-book copy of Thrive, the charitable contribution you created was more than double what you spent on the book:

Arianna Huffington's Thrive Raises a lot more for charity than it sells for

E-Books are the next big frontier in media and Influency, but this magnificent gesture and donation is all Arianna; Ms. Huffington, I salute you.

And of course, it’s huge business change. Arianna Huffington just created a situation where people could induce larger charitable donations than they ever spent while receiving a “prize” in kind, all while promoting Thrive and simultaneously encouraging the saving of some trees. Brava!

There will be none of my trademark snark. Sure, I may not be able to resist pointing out a couple of less-admirable business-change-in-media situations, like Apple’s evil in ebooks and the ridiculousness that is Buzzfeed. But pure and simple, Arianna Huffington just made the kind of gesture-for-good that we see all too infrequently, even among the folks who are in the best position to make them. Thank you, Arianna.

Speaking of change in the media business, let me take this opportunity to point you again at our new baby, Video Network One. Coincidentally, we think of VideoNet1 as “The Huffington Post of Video”. Drop by before we launch and you can take advantage of an amazing offer that will make you money for a long, long time.

Media and the business of media are changing, big, and fast. Wanna talk about it?

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