Who’d have thought? Teenagers, the invincible superheroes who also happen to lead us through all new things . . . aren’t using Twitter.

Anecdotally, I can tell you that one of my three sons thinks Twitter is pretty cool, and uses it to tell anyone who’s listening what’s he’s up to. Usually, the information strikes me as not of use to anyone except a friend who might be waiting for him to arrive somewhere.

Or a bad guy. Which is the point.

A couple of weeks ago, 15-year-old Matthew Robson, interning for the summer at Morgan Stanley (good luck wrapping your head around that one, by the way) wrote a report on the way teenagers use social media and other technology. Bloomberg got hold of it, and here is their encapsulation.

The short of this? Kids A) Don’t really think anyone is reading their tweets, and B) Think it’s creepy to throw all their personal information out there for anyone to read.

I tweet. Ashton Kutcher tweets. Oprah tweets. And we all have reasons for doing so. But do you? Do your children? Well, maybe. And Twitter is of course another example of change . . . and you want to pay attention.

But your teenagers aren’t. Think about that.

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