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Building a Better Band-Aid

One of my favorite marketing-and-trademark conversations has always been about what happens when a brand becomes generic. Xerox. Kleenex. TIVO. Band-Aid. What about the rare case where a genericized product actually gets improved upon? Are Nexcare Band-Aids (uggh ......

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Business Change Highlights

The Food Delivery Backlash is Coming

A few weeks ago I told you about a study we're conducting. At one level it's about the food delivery business, at another it's about logistics. Most broadly it's concerned with the business changes that the gig economy is creating. They're huge, of course. And now the...

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Management by Manual

This week I saw something that almost made my heart stop. 69% of managers are afraid to talk to their employees. The survey is almost two years old. The results aren't a knee-jerk reaction to the current "sexual harassment is everywhere" environment. They aren't...

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