Who said using computers was easy?

I’ve been a computer geek (umm . . . not really, but close . . . think of me as Leo LaPorte without the bazillion viewers) for a long time. I remember the days when people thought that the little tray that popped out of the front of your computer at the press of a button was a coffee cup holder. No, I’m not kidding.

I go back even further than that, actually; in the old days of MS-DOS the most common system error was one that to get you to acknowledge a problem read “Press Any Key To Continue“. I’ve had people tell me that they couldn’t find the “Any” key on their keyboards. Again, I’m not kidding.

Oh and by the way: Microsoft eventually addressed that problem by changing the message to read “Press a key to Continue”. The result? People have pointed out to me, thinking they were tech-savvy, that they could push keys other than “A”, and things worked just fine.

So I shouldn’t be surprised to see this video? Right?:

EDIT 2/1/21: (OY VEY … Leo Laporte’s YouTube account was terminated and GOOG made me take away the reference.)

It’s the aforementioned Leo LaPorte taking a call on one of his netcast programs this week, as a woman tells him that she can’t connect to her wireless network. And . . . she had no wireless network, because she’s been . . . borrowing someone else’s bandwidth for over a year.

Time for the business moral: please lock down your wireless networks. I’m as egalitarian as anyone and love the idea of sharing, but you’re creating a real security issue if you don’t take care of this properly. You may have a reason to leave your wireless network open, by the way, but the reason can’t be “I just didn’t bother to lock it”. If you need help, The Computer Answer Guy can take care of you. You don’t even need to be local to us. In fact, we’ll talk you through this one for free.

Enjoy Leo. And tell him I said “Hi”.

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