How do you feel about your computer support? Most people we ask that question tell us . . .”bad!

At Answer Guy Central, we’ve figured out how to change that answer.

First: if you’re looking to turn your business computer support into a fixed-cost endeavor, you want to check out PC-VIP. It saves most of our computer care clients about 40% on their costs. You read that right. PC-VIP is available all over the United States, and does its magic by managing your computers. It’s not the old break/fix model of computer support, and it really does save a tremendous amount of money over that way of fixing computers—both in dollars spent, and even more important, by reducing your computer support related downtime.

But we know PC-VIP’s revolutionary approach to computer support isn’t for everyone. So for Computer Support in and around New York City, there’s The Computer Answer Guy. It’s more of a traditional break/fix approach to things, but with a couple of big differences.

Check out The Computer Answer Guy and we’ll explain

The Computer Answer Guy is a small business’s real answer to the problem of computer support, because at Answer Guy Central we understand that computers are just tools, and you need to run your business. Check out The Computer Answer Guy here.

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