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We make business computers work for your business.

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Need to know more? Here’s the pedigree:

Since 1986, The Computer Answer Guy has been making computers work at small businesses in the New York City area by understanding one very simple thing: They aren’t toys. They aren’t entertainment devices. They aren’t a cool way to stay in touch. Computers are tools.

Even if you use them as all those other things.

Or in Unusual Ways.

We understand that the only thing that matters to your business is that your computers work the way you need, when you need. Part of this is geeky, part is about training your people, part is about controlling the way your computers are used. But The Computer Answer Guy goes beyond all those because we do business like businesspeople. And in New York City, it means more than anywhere; costs here are huge, the stakes are even higher, and . . . we know New York City Business AND how to keep your computers in line.

Everything is goal oriented. If you need help with setting goals, we’ll help you figure them out.

And we’re really good at it. Here’s Why.

Our rates are competitive, and we do business computer support better. Whether your business uses PCs or Macintosh computers, or relies on Android, Chromebooks, and other portable devices, The Computer Answer Guy will make them work better, and save you money and downtime.

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