Real Computer Support


Aside from our unparalleled understanding of business (and the things that make using computers too hard for your business!), at The Computer Answer Guy we have the computer support thing split into a few distinct areas, because our clients see it that way.

This is important.

Lots of computer support companies in New York can do break/fix. Lots. And if that’s all you want, The Computer Answer Guy is the best choice you can make.

But break/fix computer support isn’t the only thing that matters.

We do desktop support, too. So when you need a cool graph and don’t know how to decide the best way to present your information, we do. And we know how to make software do what you need. For example, see the colors and extra legends in this bar chart?

Excel Business Computing Support by The Computer Answer Guy

You can’t do this using regular methods in Microsoft Excel. But The Computer Answer Guy makes it happen.

We can do that for you, we can teach you how to do it yourself, or both.

And when you come across one of those really thorny multi-step “how the heck do I . . .” issues, like copying media that you may have put together with protection but now needs to be unprotected, duplicated, and distributed, we do that.

We can even convert old media to new media.

The Computer Answer Guy can do whatever you need done with your computers. Seriously . . . pretty much anything. You’ll be amazed.

What are you waiting for? Contact The Computer Answer Guy Now.

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