Google Defines Design

Ask Google to define design, and you get what you see above. You also get links to quite a few other definitions of the word, and they all differ just enough to raise as many questions as they provide answers. Webster’s defines design this way, has this to say about design, and at Wikipedia, design’s design looks like a church steeple.

The Answer Guy Central view of design takes all of these definitions, throws them in a blender, and spits out something more useful; something more pragmatic:

Design is the process of making something work, for the purpose at hand.

When it comes to Influency and Integrated Marketing, design is a matter of making you look good, and making that design encourage your visitors (or people who see your television or Internet video commercials, or even people who pick up flyers you leave on their car windshields) want to engage with you. You look good. You guide people to an action. You make sense to them when they arrive at whatever you pointed them toward, and you make it easy for them to find the next step you want them to take—and encourage them to take it. It’s all design.

Of course, on the Internet, design also includes convincing search engines like Google to send people to you, and convincing other businesses to send people to you, too. This is a combination of Optimization, and good old networking. But optimization keeps changing, and so does the way you network. And great design builds the flexibility to make changes quickly right in.

We have everything you need to make design happen, and everything you need to make your design work with the other parts of Integrated Marketing to create real Influency. And we can teach you about it, or do it for you.

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