google defines development

Google’s definition of development is … almost meaningless. Why? because when you use a word in its own definition you’re saying that you don’t really know how to define it.

We define development better, and we do your development better, too.

Development is creation. As Doctor Frankenstein famously discovered, you can put random parts together and you’ll create something, but unless you understand those parts and how they work together and with the rest of the world, your monster might just behave differently than you expected.

At Answer Guy Central we approach development, carefully, but always with an eye toward getting you the results you need. This is why, while we have “plans” for clients who want something predefined, we’re always available to craft a completely customized Influency and Integrated Marketing solution.

We figure out what you need, by listening, and we make it happen. That’s development, and whether you’re starting from scratch, or have a complex, developed integrated marketing plan in place, Answer Guy Central will develop your plan so you do better . . . and better . . . and better.

Design? Optimization, Media? Yes, yes, and yes. All of those things matter. All of them happen here, and all of them work best when you have a plan. Is that about creating a great web site and managing the stuff you keep there? Almost always. Is there more? Yes. Much more.

Let’s plan together.


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