Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing: TAG!, You’re It!


Influency via Long Tail Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Design


Integrate your marketing puzzle pieces, and your sales will skyrocket.


Simple, right?


Answer Guy Central’s TAG Integrated Marketing makes it easy. We take all the pieces that add up to Integrated Marketing, fit them together, and increase your business.


And It IS Simple:

Nothing you can do is more important to your business than having a solid Integrated Marketing plan. Nothing. If your customers and future customers don’t find you when they’re looking for the goods or services you offer, your business will soon . . . vanish.

That’s not what you’re looking for.


It used to be easy. If you offered a great product at a fair price, your customers would find you. Of course, you still had to deliver on your promises, but if you were good at what you do, you could count on the phone ringing enough to keep you busy, and then the rest was up to you.

Now, nobody even uses the phone to make contact (and yes, that’s our phone number at the top and bottom of the page—oh, the irony!).


 Advertising Doesn’t Work

Integrated Marketing is the solution to that problem.


We break Integrated Marketing into several pieces, and then we manage all—or as many as you want—of those pieces for you:

  • Design is how you look. Your website? Check. Mailers? Flyers? Business Cards and Stationery? Sure; all of those things and more have to look right, or you won’t be taken seriously.
  • Development is getting all the pieces of the technology pie working. Are you finding your way around Answer Guy Central? Are your clients and prospects finding their way around yours? The design is important, and the technology that makes it work is, too.
  • Media matters. Maybe you want to tell your story with video, or podcasts. TAG-Integrated Influency Marketing understands that, and can help you produce the audio and video elements of your dreams. Have less complicated media needs? We’ve got you covered there, too.
  • Optimization is about getting found. Google and other search engines have very specific ideas about what your web site should look and act like, and if you don’t measure up, you aren’t getting traffic. Period.
  • Content goes hand-in-hand with Optimization. Sure, you’ll get some traffic just by “doing everything the right way”, but if you don’t keep creating great content, you won’t ever get huge. And it’s both easier and less expensive than you think to keep putting out content that Google will like and your visitors will want to read.
  • Influency* is where Design, Development, Media, Optimization and Content come together. Here’s where we add social media and reputation management to the mix. We get people talking about you and your company—and saying and reading the right things. TAG Integrated Marketing pulls it all together and makes your business thebusiness to go to in your field.

Influency* Makes You master of your business universe

TAG Integrated Marketing gets you found, and gets your message where is needs to be so that when people who need your services find you, they want to connect. Want to connect right now? Contact Us Here.

We Practice What We Preach

So do you, right?


At Answer Guy Central’s TAG Integrated Marketing, we do business the same way we help our clients get business done. This growing web site and business keeps getting bigger because of that. We’ve been helping businesses get business done for a couple of decades, and driving and modeling search traffic for about as long as anyone. We’re discreet, effective, and fun to work with.


Or if you’re too busy for fun (lots of our clients are!), we handle everything—again, discreetly and effectively.


The Answer Guy’s Business Change Blog helps smart business people make sense of a constantly changing business environment, and we’ll tell you something a few times every week.

TAG Influency Marketing clients can even re-publish our content.

You read that right: Hire The Answer Guy to manage your Influency*, and you get free content to draw traffic to your web site. Content that’s already pulling the long tail to the tune of prominence for over 10,000 search phrases.

Here’s the TAG Value Proposition

If we don’t get you more business, we’ll work for free.


See how carefully we worded that last line? It doesn’t say we’ll double your sales. It doesn’t say we’ll give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied with our work. It doesn’t guarantee that TAG Integrated Marketing will get you page one ranking for your choice of search engine terms, or that each and every person who visits your web site or receives a piece of email from you will jump up and down and immediately beat a path to your virtual door.


It Says We’re Going To Make You Succeed


  • First, we’ll talk, for as long as you like, about whatever you’re thinking matters. Free.
  • Then, we’ll start you down the road to organizing your marketing into manageable pieces. This is free, too.
  • We’ll put a team on your integrated marketing campaign, and start the leads flowing, and then . . .
  • Each month (or week, if you’re that kind of manager, or for that matter whenever you want) we’ll report on the success of the particular things you have TAG Integrated Marketing working on for you
  • And then: if you ever think what we’re doing isn’t living up to your expectations, all those things we we so careful to say we hadn’t said before will be “on the table”
    • That’s right, we’ll talk money-back
    • We’ll stop any time; there are no contracts for long commitments to The Answer Guy
    • We’ll get granular about those Google Search Engine Optimization rankings

It’s That Simple: We Make You Succeed

Ready to Talk? Just Click Here To Contact The Answer Guy. It’s Free!

The Answer Guy Got Us on Page One of Google’s Search Results For All Our Important Terms –A.D., Monterey CA
More Leads, More Sales, More Visibility, a Better Presentation. That’s Influency*

Still wondering how the Answer Guy’s TAG Influency Marketing can help you? Stop wondering, and contact us now.

The Answer Guy Really delivered for us. Marketing, Design, Advice, Everything. The Answer Guy Has Real Business Answers –J.S., Philadelphia PA


Getting You The Attention Your Business Needs

  • Design
  • Promotion
  • Optimization

Technology Management

Putting Together The Geeky Stuff

  • Development
  • Communications
  • Security


Making Your THE Expert in Your Field

  • You Get The Traffic You Need
  • You Make The Sales To Grow
  • You Succeed

I needed help with Strategic Partnerships. The Answer Guy brought that to the table along with Marketing Expertise. Amazing! –M.T., New York NY

I almost couldn’t believe how much my business increased when we started doing Integrated Marketing with The Answer Guy. But there it was –N.F., London UK

It All Starts With a Call (or an E-Mail)

If you’re ready to start your Integrated Marketing Business Change, this is simple: CONTACT US RIGHT NOW BY CLICKING HERE. You have nothing to lose, and yes, everything to gain.

There’s No Risk !

Seriously. We will do whatever it takes to make your Influency rise and your Integrated Marketing Campaign succeed

When I needed to talk, The Answer Guy was there. Every time. For as long as I needed –L.R., Brick NJ

We know how hard it can feel to get moving. So while we know we can do the most for your business by doing our Influency* thing, we also know that sometimes our clients would rather tell us what they need and focus in on just one or two parts of the equation.


And that’s OK!


If you want just Design, we do just design. Development on your mind? You’ve got it. Media your concern? Then it’s ours, too. Maybe you just want help writing great blog posts to attract traffic, or you want some very specific goal for your Search Engine Modeling. Cool.


Whatever your needs, The Answer Guy is here for you

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