Intellectual Property

Know the best way to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) ? Hire an Intellectual Property attorney.

No, wait; that’s the most expensive way to do it, but it isn’t the best way for most companies, most of the time. Truth is, you can often protect your Intellectual Property by speaking reasonably with the people who are treading on it.

Read this post about Facebook’s infamous patent 7,669,123, and you’ll get an idea about what we mean.

We have over twenty years of Intellectual Property Experience in software, publishing, media and more, and we know how to talk to “the bad guys”.

Let Answer Guy Intellectual Property Consulting Services help you through this maze. When it’s time to get with the legal eagles we’ll tell you, and we’ll even help you talk to them to keep your mind and your budget from exploding.

Contact Answer Guy Intellectual Property Consulting Services here.

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