Bar Mitzvah Videos. Can you even believe?

It’s true, Bubby. While The AnswervGuy does much of his work for businesses, it turns out we have really talented media creation people on staff. Nice Lontsmen, no less. They’ve been there, done that, and can make your Bat, B’nai, or Bar Mitzvah Video the kind of production that you’ll enjoy over and over, your guests will actually have fun sitting through for a few minutes, and your freshly turned-out fountain pen will be able to watch without worrying that his or her friends will be making fun.

We won’t make a big Megillah for you to get it done, either. It’s all easy, and we can turn around your video in just a few days in case you waited too long to get started.

Want to see our work? Here’s a Bar Mitzvah Video (fun!), and Here’s a Video we Produced for a School Project (note the cool credits and such).

And yes, of course we do other media work. Pretty much anything, really . . .

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