Google Defines Media

Google’s a little sparse on this one, so: want a great definition for “media”? Media is anything you use to keep people focused on your message. It’s a cornerstone of Influency and Integrated Marketing. Media matters.

Does that mean that all your marketing efforts should include silly, over-produced videos, or filmy, gauzy high-definition pictures of muse-like acolytes? Holy cow, no. But media has a place. It gets people’s attention.

Used correctly, media also helps with optimization. A lot. When our lead designer made a side-handed comment about the propensity for images showing up in a lot of posts at Answer Guy Central, this story about just how much pictures can boost search engine optimization happened. And whether we create media for you or simply teach you how to use it, when used properly media is one of the most effective elements in your arsenal for creating Influency.

Whether you’re thinking about music, persuasive words (spoken or written), video, zippy slide shows, or even the best way to design and use leave-behinds that you slip underneath doors, you’re talking about media. And we’ll take you all the way through the media process for your integrated marketing campaign.

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