Medical Practices

We help doctors and dentists who just want to practice medicine pull more profit from their businesses. We manage the way you deal with your patients and their insurance companies, how you administer medical benefit, and more.

You went to school to practice medicine. We do virtual business management of your medical practice. And yes, you can afford us, even with your insurance rates going up, and your patients’ insurance companies squeezing you to take lower fees.

And we’re ready to help you comply with the upcoming US Federal Mandates requiring electronic records management, too.

We control your

  • communications
  • billing
  • insurance and compliance
  • patient management
  • human resources

and more, so you can concentrate on being a doctor, not running a business and managing constant business change.

If you’re a Doctor, Dentist, or other Medical Practitioner looking to get ahead of the insurance reimbursement and medical office management curves, watch this page for exciting news.

Want to know more about how The Answer Guy will make your medical practice better? Contact Us Now.

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