Who Knew? Indian Comedians Need Search Engine Optimization.

Who knew? Indian Comedians are funny.

Don’t be offended. I was working this morning and happened to come across one of the world’s funniest Indian Comedians. And a big part of his act is that he is an Indian Comedian.

I didn’t even realize such a category existed. But there’s an Indian Comedian entry on Wikipedia, and at least a couple of those Indian Comedians have videos on YouTube that are outstandingly popular—and outstandingly funny. Here’s one funny Indian Comedian, and here’s another.

They’re darned funny, these Indian Comedians, and their willingness to use their Indian-ness as fodder for their comedy makes me smile. It reminds me of my willingness to poke fun at New York City Jews, a group in which I hold proud membership.

If you’re looking for a laugh from a group that isn’t widely thought of as funny, try these Indian Comedians. They’re funny. Seriously. Or maybe it’s better to call them seriously funny.

Any way you slice it, though, they’re funny. These Indian comedians are comedians. And one of the great things about Indian Comedians, as half-Japanese, half-Indian comedian Dan Nainan tells us, is that you may not even be sure what race they are.

And somehow, even that manages to come off as funny.

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