OK, so I threw Michael Jackson in there on purpose.

Today, right now (12:14PM EDT), the Fifth-Most-Blogged-About subject on Google is that antivirus company McAfee has anointed the lovely Ms. Jessica Biel as the most dangerous celebrity on the Internet. Senator Teddy Kennedy’s death is number one. Barack Obama is in there. So is a product announcement from Sony, and the sentencing of Chris Brown for beating up his girlfriend.

Now I’ll use Chris Brown’s girlfriend’s name: Rhianna. Now I’ll mention Jessica Biel again. Oh: and here’s a mention of Jessica Biel’s boyfriend’s name: Justin Timberlake.

ZOOM! Up go my rankings. Here are those search terms again, arranged in a different order: Jessica Biel,  Michael Jackson, Rhianna, McAfee Antivirus, Justin Timberlake, Teddy Kennedy, Senator Edward Kennedy,  Chris Brown sentencing, Barack Obama.

While I think it’s important that we all understand the implications — one in five chance of getting a virus, says McAfee — of clicking on a link involving Jessica Biel (did you see me slickly throw those two link-bait terms in there again?), I’m a little frightened that this is the thing that bloggers find fifth-most-important today.

Change, my friends, it’s everywhere.

My best friend is going to read this, recognize herself, and feel vindicated in her oft-stated position that blogging is the death of journalism. And I’m beginning to wonder whether she’s right. I like that anyone can write their opinion and maybe become a star. I also like that the Maureen Dowd’s of the world (that’s Maureen Dowd, Columnist for the New York Times, and yes, I just did it again) might find this little musing of mine, be engaged for a moment, and become my pal.

I like that the Internet has made a place where many opinions can become so easily expressed and accessed.

But I don’t like that VOLUME OF NOISE is the predeterminer of success, and I sure don’t like that so many people care enough about Jessica Biel and her danger status relative to software that a story about the subject is ranked up there with the death of an American icon and the steps that our president (that’s <wink> Barack Obama) is taking to achieve peace in the Middle East.

Manage Change. Especially in a world where this has become a standard it’s on you: Manage Change.

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