With Osama Bin Laden located and dead, you might wonder: what business change made it possible for us to find him after almost ten years?

Was it Twitter? No. Osama Bin Laden is no longer among the ranks of the breathing because of Seth Godin.

Before you get all indignant and accuse me of pandering to the search engines by invoking Osama Bin Laden’s name this morning (and yes, of course that’s what I’m doing), I’d like to point out that while Seth Godin didn’t actually find Bin Laden, and Twitter wasn’t responsible for his being found, there’s enough truth and relevance in the headline “Seth Godin Found Osama Bin Laden” to make thinking about the idea worthwhile. Here’s why:

It turns out that Twitter, a service that is—let’s be honest—mostly a time waster, has some real use. It’s been important in keeping information flowing in recent months out of places like Libya and Egypt, and it turns out that there were at least two Twitter users who happened to be in earshot of the firefight that took place yesterday as Osama Bin Laden was finally found. So while most of what flows out of Twitter is garbage, the potential for real business change through Twitter is there.

But Seth Godin, one of the smartest guys around, says Twitter doesn’t matter.

Here’s where perception and reality become part of the equation.

Seth Godin doesn’t really believe that Twitter is unimportant. He can’t; Twitter spreads words and ideas and Godin is all about those. What Godin says is that Twitter is completely unimportant when compared to what you can do if you figure out how to use it to create change.

Seth says that in his book, Linchpin. I recommend you buy Linchpin right now, by clicking that link.

After you Buy Linchpin, (it can cost you as little as $10 for the electronic version), you’ll have the right to watch the most amazing presentation on business change that I’ve ever seen. Free. That’s right; if you buy Linchpin, you’ll be in the clear to watch an over-animated presentation with Seth as the audio, telling you more about business change than you’ve ever before considered.

Now here’s not a secret: you don’t have to buy Linchpin to see Seth Godin talk. All you need to do is go to this page and use the password “iboughtthebook”.

It’s OK that I’m telling you this, because Seth is saying it, too. Right here, Seth Godin is telling the world that he wants you to buy his book, that you get to see his presentation for free if you do buy the book, and that you don’t really have to pay.

Wrap your head around that one; I’ll wait.

The point that Seth is making, both by giving away something he’s rather be paid for and by telling you that he wants to be paid but that he’s even more interested in you paying attention to him even if he doesn’t get paid, is the same one we make here by writing about business change so that occasionally the phone rings and we get to help businesses enact that change in the real world.

Need Search Engine Optimization? You’re here, and we can get the people you want to reach to come here, or to you, or anywhere you want. Need Business Coaching? or a Virtual COO? You’ve got it; we do those things. And because I have your attention, maybe, just maybe, you or someone you know will get the message and Contact Us.

It’s called “building a tribe”—a term that as far as I know was coined by Seth Godin. If I can get you to interact with me, maybe I can do business with you. Or Seth Godin can sell you a book.

But it isn’t Twitter that makes tribe building possible, and it isn’t Twitter that caught Osama Bin Laden. It’s Seth Godin.

And It’s You.

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