Today’s piece is purely promotional. But instead of promoting Answer Guy Central’s Search Engine Optimization Services, we’ll be promoting my exalted new position as a source for The New York Observer.

OK, so it’s not The New York Times, but … of course it isn’t; the piece is an exposé of sorts on Times Tech Columnist David Pogue.

And “exalted new position” is silly; all I did was speak with Observer columnist Ben Popper. But I’m telling you about this for a few reasons.

First, it’s kind of cool. I have quasi-journalistic history in my background, even having been involved in journalism to the point of serving as President of The Computer Press Association. But having redirected my efforts at business quite a while back I haven’t been a quoted source for almost fifteen years. So, thanks, Ben Popper and the New York Observer; I’m here any time you need me!

Second, I want to make sure that David Pogue understands my involvement in the story. Ben Popper called me for an interview because my previous comments on Pogue had elevated me high enough in Google’s estimation of experts on the subject that Popper found me. And Dave, if you happen to talk to Ben I’m sure he’ll tell you that I praised your work and your talents.

Third: I really enjoyed my time as a writer, so if you’re looking for someone with skills in that regard and expert understanding of both technology and business, well, hello world!

But most important, I’m telling you about my involvement in Ben Popper’s New York Observer story on David Pogue because it speaks to my abilities in Search Engine Optimization—and I can use it now to promote that (and make sure that I stay ranked higher for queries about David Pogue or Jeff Yablon than The New York Observer).

Friends, this is how business change through Search Engine Optimization works. And it matters to you, your business, and even to the way journalism now happens.

Lines are open. Whatever your reason, you may contact me now. Oh, and by the way: the SEO aspect of this post worked. Want proof? Search Google for “Pogue Observer”.

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