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Folks, a couple of thing to keep in mind:

1) SunRocket was not officially a phone company at all. Technically, this means they are not subject to LNP rules (in fact, check your customer agreement w/ them…it says clearly that they *may* allow you to take your number with you, but are not obligated to do so).

Think of this as it applies to eFax or all the free phone # services. The entities that provide those services AREN’T PHONE COMPANIES. As LNP is telecom-specific, “Your” #s belong to them, not to you.

2) LNP is tough to enforce if the company giving up the number isn’t a phone company. Again, in SunRocket’s case, *if* they just turn off the servers there’s no way to reclaim the #s through the LNP system even if SR’s intent had been to allow you to do so. Ever notice the “Local Number Portability” charge on your phone bill (it finally went away a couple of years ago)? There’s a system “out there” that controls this.

The good news on THAT one is that if SR or someone like them acts in a dishonorable way, then eventually *your* # will find its way back into the hands of the telco that they bought the block of numbers they use from. Of course, good luck getting it at that point

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