Hi there. I’m baaaack!

I never make New Year’s Resolutions. I could explain, but my guess is that those of you who agree with me will find nothing worth reading, and those who don’t will think you haven’t, so . . . onward:

The PC-VIP Inc. Blog has laid fallow for over a year, as I’ve been busy doing other things, like building Virtual VIP into what we believe and have been told is the most amazing Business Consultancy anywhere.

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Here’s January 2009:

Subject: Tips and Help from Virtual VIP

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Virtual VIP Tips

January 2009

PC-VIP Inc./ Virtual VIPBusiness and Computer Care for Those with Better Things To Do

New York City . . . and Your Desktop!

Dear Jeff,PC-VIP and Virtual VIP LogoWelcome to the latest issue of Virtual VIP Tips. Our friends tell us we’re really helping by saying “hi” a few times a year, and I want to say that I’m always here if you need help, too. Read on, and have a great day!Sincerely,
Jeff Yablon
President & CEO

PC-VIP Inc./Virtual VIP

Is Your Word Good?EmbargoesVirtual VIP Scans Your HorizonOnce upon a time, and for quite a few years, I worked in the press. I did, radio, TV, print, Internet . . . everything. People quoted me on stuff.

Every now and again I was asked to accept an embargo on information; I wasn’t allowed to talk about it until a particular date, but because I needed lead time to do my job and serve the needs of those I wrote about I needed information early. I signed those embargoes because I had to, and because it made my professional life better and served the needs of the people who relied on me for information.

There’s been some talk lately about how the Internet has changed the world, and it’s true. If you’re a blogger and trying to get known, you must be ahead of everybody else; the days of “waiting for the next issue” are over.

I accept that the world has changed. And you need to accept it too. And move accordingly.

A few weeks ago, though, Michael Arrington came out publicly to say that his organization will no longer honor embargoes. They’ll sign them, but they’ll then ignore them.

Mr. Arrington is very successful. But editors before him (and he is an editor) have been successful and still honored their word. So I don’t think this is about success corrupting people.

I also don’t think it’s about there being a new breed of ever-more-arrogant executives out there. And I have no comment about Mr. Arrington in particular.

My comment is for you: this is a tough world, and getting tougher by the minute. It’s changing at the speed of light. You’ve got to be ready to make decisions, and you’ve got to make them.

And you still need to keep your word. You’re a V.I.P., aren’t you? It may stand for Important in most readings, but it’s also for Influential.

Influence everyone you know. And do it the right way. It pays off.

Financial Corner
Dilbert and the End of Capitalism VIP Financial TipsDo you know Dilbert?A very funny daily comic strip by a very smart man, Dilbert looks at the world through the eyes of a cubicle-dwelling engineer at a big company. And Scott Adams, that smart man, writes a blog that examines . . . pretty much whatever is on his mind.

Recently, Scott talked about one of the many ways the (business) world is changing.

Go read it. Give it some thought. And then tell me what you think.

The world is in a constant state of flux. Let Virtual VIP help you manage that change.

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There are some rules that you just can’t ignore.

We have some ideas here, and we’re happy to share, but really, it’s YOU that make these rules.

So . . . start now. They’re about business, relationships, everything. They’re about you, and about your business.

But until you make them, they’re . . . vapor.

What are you waiting for?


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