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February 2009

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PC-VIP and Virtual VIP LogoWelcome to the February issue of Virtual VIP Tips. We like to say “hi” about once a month, and I want to say that I’m always here if you need help, too. Read on, and have a great day!

Jeff Yablon
President & CEO

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You Call that Marketing?
What’s the REAL Story? Virtual VIP Scans Your HorizonMaybe by now you’re heard of Seth Godin. Seth’s one of this decade’s most noted marketers, and while I personally prefer the add-some-wit style of Malcolm Gladwell to the almost-too-much-wisdom approach that Seth puts forth, this man is the real deal.

A few weeks ago, Seth put a post in his blog that you must read. Seriously . . . right now, click this link.

Coffee. Who Cares?

Well, Starbucks cares, and they serve an awful lot of the stuff. And YOU CARE, TOO. Everyone knows what coffee does. Everyone knows when and why and by whom it’s consumed. And somehow, a message that says “let me tell you what I think of me” is still how this is getting sold.


Your clients care about you at some point. If you’re selling certain types of service they care about you somewhere during the sales process. Your prospects, though? They don’t care about you, and if you want to convert them to clients you need to let them know that they’re the important ones.

For the record, you’re important to Virtual VIP, and to PC-VIP. But we’re not that important to you. Until you decide otherwise.

Financial Corner
Amazon to Collect Sales Tax in New YorkVIP Financial TipsDon’t live there? Think you don’t care? Think Again

Unless you’re one of the lucky few businesses thriving on the things you do in your home territory (read: one country in Europe, one state in the USA, etc.), this one could be a problem for you.

The New York State Supreme Court has upheld a decision that makes responsible for collecting sales tax on sales to people in New York, even though Amazon has no physical presence there. Sounds wrong? Well, the decision essentially says that people who sell through Amazon are part of Amazon, so that means Amazon “has a presence”.

Never mind that there are multiple agreements between Amazon and their marketplaces partners stating that there is no relationship of this sort. Never mind that in establishing this precedent the day when Amazon has to pay benefits to their new “employees” might not be far off. Never mind that as soon as the first lawsuit alleging that relationship drops the whole infrastructure will implode. Just . . . pay up.

The world is in a constant state of flux. Let Virtual VIP help you manage that change.

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You Call That Marketing?
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A worthwhile quote (slighty truncated):

Don’t look for outside validation.  Today everything’s personal.  Doesn’t matter what the magazine says, most people aren’t reading it.  Movie reviews no longer matter, bad flicks do boffo like “Marley & Me”.  No one’s paying attention and there’s no coronation when you reach the supposed milestone.  You’re no longer a star, you’re a musician.  And that requires practice and innovation and delivering every night. You’d better enjoy playing, because the trappings are less than they used to be, and in most cases they’re just not enough.

Big Ups to Bob Lefsetz. If you’re not in the music business you probably haven’t heard of him. Bob’s one of those been-around-forever guys who is still able to look forward. You need to look forward, too.


GREAT results. My business is transformed, and I have Virtual VIP to thank.And my family’s happier, too!

-M Wildstrom, San Jose

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