I have a friend who’s spent his entire career in the music business. Up until a few years ago, he headed A&R (the part of the company that finds new talent) for Atlantic Records, who were, and if the recording industry still “exists” in any meaningful format still are a big label.

Well, it doesn’t.

I’ve known this for quite a while. The old school media companies have been fighting it for over a decade. There have been hundreds if not thousands of articles written on the subject, and the short point is that the businesses these folks are in have changed. The Internet has hastened the change and record labels, television networks, and newspapers are in full and fast decline.

There’s a fascinating article this week in The New York Times. It tells in pretty simple language what’s changed and why, specific to the recording industry. The lessons apply across the board to all media.

And here’s why you care:

No matter how big you are, no matter how well entrenched your business is in your industry, or your industry is in society, change is coming. And you need to be ready to adapt.

That’s all. You get the message. Call if you need more help;  it’s why we’re here . . .

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