OK, I actually think the opposite is true. With respect to growing research showing a decline in mental faculties at some point, age doesn’t determine intelligence one bit.

That said, Vivek Wadhwa, a scholar of some note, has written a piece in today’s TechCrunch that addresses something I’ve said for a long time: being older and having the associated experience that only age can bring makes you better at certain things.

Again, I don’t think young people are un-smart, and I acknowledge that age can lead us to be so set in our ways that our contributions in the face of change are minimized. But the latter is not set in stone, and the former doesn’t address the point:

Experience Matters

It’s why people hire us to run their businesses or take care of certain parts of their operations. It’s why people hire YOU, too.

Tell people about your experience. Otherwise, they won’t know who you are.

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