And now for something completely different:

Hmm . . . it’s just this moment occurred to me how brilliant the Monty Python guys really were. Business Change is sometimes about making the same old thing look different. And now, through new partners Google and Bing, Twitter is making their stuff matter. In a way that scares me. Don’t worry: I will figure out how to take advantage of that for you.

Yesterday, Google Goddess Marissa Mayer announced the search monster’s new deal with Twitter to use tweets in real-time search results (Microsoft’s Bing got a similar deal). Everyone wins.

Then, Ms. Mayer announced a new feature of Google called Social Search. It’s a way to look at YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK and see what the people you know are up to right now. Yikes.

Don’t get me wrong; you know I’m all about this business change thing. At the same time, I always recommend taking care while using Facebook, Twitter, and the like, lest your private business become more public than you intend.

Google’s about to make keeping your secrets secret just . . . about . . . impossible.

Manage your business change. Engage help if needed. This is about to become not fun.

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