File this under “I told you so”. And have been telling you so.

Sure, it’s a small poll, conducted on people in only one country. And it’s a relatively small country at that. But it turns out that people who download music from sources other than officially sanctioned ones also spend more money on legitimate music downloads than people who don’t pirate music. Presumably, the same theory applies to people who download movies.

Wait, it gets better: You know how DVRs (or TIVOs, for those of you who have adopted the brand name as vernacular) were going to bankrupt TV studios because they’d lose the ability to sell advertising? Turns out that’s wrong, too. DVRs, TIVO, and the such have actually increased the money TV studios get from advertising.

Business Change at its finest. And great examples of how easy it is to miss change coming if you get too wrapped up in “the way things are”. Friends, there is no “the way things are”.

I’ve written about how badly the media business misunderstands new media and business change a few times before: Track back, if you like by reading this, or this, or this. The evidence has been piling up for a few years, and now the matter is starting to really come out: if you don’t keep up with change, you’ll miss it. I guess that explains why studio and label executives have such short careers. They just don’t know their own businesses.

Drop your ego at the door and make sure you know yours. Managing business change is where your success comes from.

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