I am so horrified by this thought, I almost don’t have words to describe it.

Don’t worry; I’ll find some.

The New York Times is reporting on a report by CTIA. The upshot? In June 2009, American cell phones sent 135.2 billion text messages. Amazing enough if you look at the growth from a year earlier, when 75 billion messages were sent. But if you break it down, 135 billion messages in a country with a population of 300 million comes out to 450 messages sent for every single man, woman, and child. IN ONE MONTH.

Frightening. Is that even POSSIBLE? Either this research is deeply flawed, or we should all be deeply afraid.

Probably a little of both.

Of course, the business change issues are obvious. If people truly have become this enamored of the medium and you ignore its implications to your business, you’ll stop having a business soon.

Which I don’t like, but . . . I accept. So while I hate texting enough that we have a little side project devoted to that fact, I’m telling you now: get on board.

Which doesn’t mean you can’t follow these two links:

I Hate Texting and I Hate Texting on Twitter

Looking forward to seeing you on your phone . . .

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