OK, folks, let’s be clear: I Hate Texting. Nothing has changed, got it?

And although I use them and tell you regularly that failing to do so carries tremendous peril to your business, I’m still not a big fan of either Facebook or Twitter, either. Again . . . no change.

But I’m in. I’ve started using a Verizon / Google Droid, and it’s amazingly good.

This isn’t a product review. I used to do them, both for IYM Software Review and as The Computer Answer Guy, but this is not one. I’m just saying that business change can be managed, and the Droid is the best way of managing the changing communications landscape that I’ve seen. As I said a few weeks ago, it won’t kill the iPhone, but it’s so good that it should.

That’s it . . . I wanted you to know that I drink my own Kool Aid, and was just waiting for the right tool to come along so that my business change could be managed the way it needs to be . . . carefully.

Now go manage yours.

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