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Price of Burger King Whopper Jr. : $1. Cost of Lawsuit: Business Change

I don’t love fast food, but I have kids who do. Results are as you expect.

But I can fight back in my way: since it all tastes the same to me—and don’t ask me how a McNugget and a Big Mac can taste the same, but they do—at least I can try to make it inexpensive. Thank goodness for that “Dollar Menu”.

So I’ve noticed that Burger King is touting their expanded Dollar Menu, and it includes a double cheeseburger. And I was wondering how that’s possible. It must cost at least that much to make one, right?

Turns out that yes, it does. And so a group of Burger King Franchisees have filed a lawsuit against Burger King to take back control of their own prices. Ever noticed how commercials for special offers often carry disclaimers like “pricing and participation may vary”? Or “higher in Manhattan”? Well, not Burger King. If they say you’ll sell a Whopper for $1, then you will; apparently it’s part of their franchise agreement.

So what’s a hard-pressed business change agent to do? In this case, I’m guessing the answer is “eat it”. But most of the time it’s a very simple complicated order: track and control everything. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Because that’s what makes business. You write the formulas. You control the business change.


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