Here’s why business change is everything:

In Silicon Valley, a guy named Guy is getting closer and closer to owning you—or at least your in-box. Guy Kawasaki has been around the block plenty, and the former Tech Evangelist for Apple Computer is now landing in my in-box every day. Three times. And magnanimously teaching me how to drop it to one. Sort of.

Some background: Mr. Kawasaki, a Venture Capitalist by trade, has amassed nearly 200,000 followers on Twitter. He sends out so many updates each day that following him feels almost like he’s standing next to you. And . . . now he’s sending out each tweet three times. Automatically. And you can do it, too.

My reference above to “sort of” was about whether Guy was being a nice guy, or whether it was about exerting even more leverage in multiple places. And it’s the latter. And that’s OK.

Here’s Guy Kawasaki ‘s explanation of how to get each of his tweets one time instead of three. It’s straightforward. It’s honest, complete, and clearly written. He tweeted it out. And it covers more ground than I’ve ever seen anyone cover in 140 characters.

  1. Guy wants you to visit his web site,
  2. Guy wants you to think he’s being a nice guy
  3. Guy wants to promote the service that handles the multi-tweet policy he’s using
    • He acknowledges being an “adviser” to that service, which since he’s a Venture Capitalist certainly translates to “owner”.
  4. Guy wants you to see how smart he is (and he is; READ the post, please)

All from a tweet. And an incredibly well-thought-out strategy.

Am I praising Guy Kawasaki? Yes. Am I criticizing him, too? I thought I would be when I started planning this piece, but no; Guy Kawasaki is simply the smartest guy on my radar.

And all he’s doing is mixing his interests together in a way you could be too, if you embraced business change and put some thought into it.

The squeeze starts when you decide it does. Or let us help.

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