Help us with an experiment. Hire Us for Free.

In the interest of science, business change, the science of business change, and . . . maybe because we’re crazy, I’m offering professional services from The Computer Answer Guy, free-ish.

Am I crazy? Likely so, which is where that “ish” comes into play. But this is an idea that springs from articles in the New York Times that were published in September and October. Fascinating articles about the idea of using a “pay what you wish” business model. Business Change, indeed.

It’s not an entirely new model, of course, but in a world that works the way ours does right now I think it’s one worth revisiting. Regardless of what their bills say, for example, doctors take what insurance companies are willing to pay, and I know some who will take that amount from patients—if the patient asks.

Shareware is an idea that’s always followed a “pay if you wish” model. Not exactly the same thing as “pay what you wish”, but close. By the way, as the author of Uninstall for Windows I can tell you that it works. True, only a small percentage of our users paid, but the effort sure was profitable.

So here’s the offer:

  1. Drop us a line, from this page (yes, we can tell where your note came from).
  2. Make sure the first words you type in the field named How Can The Answer Guy Help You? are “Pay What You Wish Business Change“.
  3. IMPORTANT: you must fill out and send the form between Midnight EST on Friday November 27 2009 and 6PM EST on Thursday December 3 2009. The form must be filled out completely, and after the words specified above you should tell us something about how we can help you.
  4. Be located in the Borough of Manhattan in New York City, or the Williamsburg, Green Point, or Brooklyn Heights sections of Brooklyn.
  5. Be one of the first ten people who ask, and you get ten hours of time, in person,  and you can pay us whatever you think the time was worth.
  6. We reserve the right to describe the experience, including what we were paid. If you wish, you may respond to any descriptions made about our experience working with you, and we will publish that response.

Up for it? Good. Now:

Let the business change commence . . .

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