Want more time? Do fewer things. Talk to fewer people. Get OFF Facebook.

I’m feeling conflicted. Not at all surprised, but uncomfortable nonetheless. It seems that teenagers are starting to figure out that Facebook and other social networking sites are a great big time-suck. And, if not walking away entirely, stepping back.

I’m a big proponent of social networking. It’s not that I like doing it; all that time I spend on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the others can feel like it’s taking away from my ability to actually get things done. But there’s no question that it pays dividends, too. So I endure—just as I keep telling you to do as a planned-out part of your business change.

But even with the very real family implications and the potential (so far unrealized and imperfect) to save you time, Facebook feels like a time waster, and I’m impressed that a growing number of (young!) people are both figuring that out and doing something smart about it.

Forget the “addiction” angle. While that discussion may matter in very real ways to both your life and your business, the idea is simpler than that: Social Networking has a place in your business toolbox, and you need to learn what the tool is good for . . . and use it.

Just because you’re a hammer, that doesn’t make everything around you a nail. Remember that.

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